Why Consider Glass Block?

Investing in quality glass block is an important decision. Choosing Security Glass Block and our innovative, state-of-the-art installation and assembly approach ensures that your investment is a sound one now and in the future.

Glass block is a clean, bright, and maintenance-free window design alternative for your home or business, providing privacy and security while enhancing the value of your property. It is ideal for basements, bathrooms, garages, space dividers, kitchen solutions, and special projects. You can choose from many glass block patterns and vent styles to customize the design to your room.

A variety of pattern and vent choices are available for your glass block project. All provide durability and security while enhancing the look of your room.

Glass Block Designs

When selecting your glass block, you will have a choice among several attractive patterns to meet the goals of your project. The majority of our work consists of basement, bathroom, and garage windows as well as commercial and industrial panels. These applications typically use a Diamond-, Wave-, or Ice-patterned glass block.




Specialty installations, such as shower and partition walls, sometimes use architectural blocks (45 and 90 degree turns and end blocks) and/or designer patterns and colors.

Learn more about Glass Blocks for Bathrooms and Glass Blocks for Garages and Basements.


We recognize that not all window openings are the same size. Therefore, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when designing your glass block windows. It is important to install a glass block panel that is symmetrical, regardless of the size of your opening.

To ensure the right fit and fresh air ventilation, we carry a stock of more than twenty sizes of Advantage glass block vents that allow us to make sure your glass block panel meets the specifications of the opening. You won’t get that approach from companies that carry just one vent size and fabricate the glass block panel with the vent not centered.

Some features of our vents include the following:

  • Easily removable screen for ease of cleaning
  • Double panel door
  • Frosted glass
  • Built-in locking system with main frame-to-door construction
  • Continuous weather-proof seal on the door
  • UV stable bright material