Why Glass Block Windows?

Installing glass block windows can improve your home in a variety of ways. Glass block windows allow light in while also offering privacy and security. The surface of a glass block is bubbled, which lets light in but is not see-through. Glass block windows help enhance energy efficiency by keeping warm or cool air in based on seasonal changes.  Glass block windows do not require additional weatherproofing, reducing the amount of maintenance needed in the winter months.

Lowered Energy Costs

 Security & Privacy

Reduced Maintenance

Our Process

Security Glass Block uses technology that makes our windows stronger, more durable and offer greater light transmission than our competitors. We use advanced sealing technology known as hot-melt adhesive to produce strong, light-weight, and clean glass block panels. Our sealant cures instantly and leaves a clean finish, unlike traditional white or opaque grout that can mold, break, and become an unsightly nuisance. Our process provides the most secure, durable and aesthetically appealing windows for your home, garage or commercial property.



Glass Block Applications


Rely on the dependable protection and durability of glass block windows to keep your vehicles and valuable possessions safe in your garage.

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Glass block windows protect your home at its most vulnerable points, providing durable protection from inclement weather and intruders.

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Glass block windows allow light in but are not see-through making them the perfect solution for beautiful and functional privacy in your bathroom.

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