Architectural & Designer Glass Blocks

For entrance walls, living rooms, stairwells, partition walls, and corridors, glass block offers decorative details full of originality and elegance. Glass block walls or panels can be installed in vast applications to provide both aesthetic and practical benefits.

Specialty installations, such as shower and partition walls, sometimes use architectural blocks (45 and 90 degree turns and end blocks) and/or designer patterns and colors. Glass block can be used in interior and exterior spaces to provide full originality and elegance to architectural spaces. With our process, the glass block installation has clarity, durability, and no mortar. Glass block windows fabricated without the use of mortar provide many benefits: windows that are 30 percent lighter, stronger, brighter, and cleaner. They also prevent mold growth, limit dirt collection and provide a stronger seal.

The technology to produce an actual piece of glass block is universal across all manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, Security Glass Block uses many different manufacturers, including Czech Republic’s Vitrabloc and Germany’s Solaris and Weck.

Because each specialty project is unique, pricing varies.