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  • We install every job as though we are doing it for ours. Expect nothing less.


  • Over 20 years of Glass Block installation expertise.


  • A revolutionary new system for stronger, cleaner, and brighter windows.


  • Join our more than 15,000 satisfied customers today!



Security Glass Block has been fabricating and installing glass block for over 20 years, having been incorporated in March of 1990. With our veteran staff of full-time employees (no sub-contractors), we have fabricated and installed more than 65,000 glass block panels for over 15,000 satisfied customers.

In terms of quality and consistency, other companies simply cannot compete. We assemble the glass blocks with a hot-melt adhesive, extruded by a highly sophisticated German engineered bulk melter under high temperature and pressure, by a computer controlled three-axis robot. The result is a far stronger, lighter weight, cleaner glass block panel, without the dirt absorbing mortar joints inherent in the "old" glass block panels. The finished glass block panel is installed by honest, courteous, fully insured professionals.

At Security Glass Block, we fabricate and install every job for your property as though we are doing it for ours. Expect nothing less.


Superior Technology

Why do Security Glass Block panels outperform the competition time and time again?

At Security Glass Block, we assemble glass blocks into panels using state of the art technology.  We've invested in premium fabrication technology that guarantees a far stronger, lighter wieght, and cleaner glass block panel.

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learniconGlass block is a clean, bright, and maintenance-free design option for your home or business that provides privacy and security while enhancing the value of your property.

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learnaboutusSince 1990, Security Glass Block has dedicated itself to continually finding ways to fabricate and install better quality windows, walls, and showers than our competition.

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