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The Strengths of Security Glass Block

If you're like most customers, you will likely request quotes from several companies. This is always a good idea. Be sure to ask questions regarding how the glass block is assembled, how it is installed and, if possible, try to stop in at the company with whom you may consider signing a contract.

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The way we assemble the windows is far superior in terms of strength, durability, and light transmission than our competitors' glass block panels that are simply mortared together. Why?

In 2000, Security Glass Block began working with an innovative company in Chicago, which had been developing a better way to fabricate glass blocks into panels for windows and walls. Together, we came up with a revolutionary technique, whereby we assemble the glass block with a reactive, pressure sensitive, adhesion sealant technology, developed by Dow Corning, that provides high green strength for an instant bond, and then cures to a weather-resistant, cross-linked sealant with outstanding durability and UV resistance.  The sealant is extruded by a highly sophisticated German engineered bulk melter under high temperature and pressure, by a computer controlled three-axis robot. Make no mistake, this is not a tube of silicone and a caulking gun from the local hardware store!

The result is a far stronger, lighter weight, cleaner glass block panel, without the dirt absorbing mortar joints inherent in the "old" glass block panels. Our windows are stronger, more durable and have greater light transmission than our competitors.


When we install a glass block basement window, we remove the entire frame -- all of the wood. As some companies actually leave some or even all of the frame in place (in order to drastically decrease their labor), be aware of a markedly lower price quote. In addition, if, for instance, a particular opening requires 16 glass blocks as opposed to 12 glass blocks, we will properly remove the entire frame and install the larger window, whereas some companies will drive nails or screws into the top of the frame, call it a "header" (which it is not), and install the smaller (cheaper) 12 block window in order to quote a lower price. The problem is that you, the customer, ultimately pays with an inferior and improperly installed glass block window.

For a sample of our assembly and installation differences, we invite you to compare us to other options.

Our Customers Tell You Themselves...

"Your crew installed my three windows this afternoon.  They worked non-stop and did a great job.  You can be proud of them.  I will send you some referrals." - Thanks, Mike S.

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