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Information for Contractors

Stronger, Brighter and Lighter Panels

Utilizing computer controlled robotic equipment to extrude a thermo-adhesive glass block bond, Security Glass Block, Inc. can fabricate virtually any nominal size glass block panel within minutes. In addition, we inventory a large selection of the most common size panels found in basements and bathrooms. With this combination of cutting edge technology and inventory, we are able to supply the contractor with whatever is needed for a particular project. As we don't use any mortar in the fabrication of the glass block panels, the resulting panel is not only 30% lighter than its mortared counterpart, it is also stronger, brighter, and without any dirt-absorbing mortar joints. One look will convince you that this is the only type of glass block panel that you'll ever want to install.

Sample Prices for Panels picked up from our location:

For comprehensive pricing information, please download a one-page PDF of our contractor price list >> Download Now

Bathroom panels: (prices include Advantage or Tafco air.tech vent)

24x46 (23.25"x44.5" actual) $133
28x46 (27"x44.5" actual) $169
28x54 (27"x52.25" actual) $193
36x38 (34.75"x36.75" actual) $175

Basement panels*:

32x14 (31"x13.5" actual) $48
32x16 (31"x15.5" actual) $48
32x22 (31"x21.25" actual) $72
32x24 (31"x23.25" actual) $72
36x20 (34.75"x19.25" actual) $90
36x24 (34.75"x23.25" actual) $90

*Add $25 to basement windows for Advantage or Tafco air.tech vent; $15 for dryer vent

Note:  Quoted prices above are based on customer pick-up, COD as of June 15th, 2011


Our Customers Tell You Themselves...

"Thanks much for all of your help with these projects - the new windows/blocks look great!  Your service was terrific & I am so pleased with the outcome." - Sincerely, Margaret D.

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